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Atlas Biomechanics

Supporting the world from the feet up

Atlas Biomechanics is a woman owned leading manufacturer and distributor of professional grade biomechanical products. We specialize in USA engineered and produced orthotic shells and heel lifts. Atlas only sells to medical professionals. Most of our products are offered in case or bulk amounts for your savings.

We offer thermoplastic orthotic blanks, heel lifts, dorsal and plantar night splints, hinged, stirrup and hybrid ankle braces, neoprene back braces, tape and wrapping supplies and a complete line of foot pads.
Products we manufacture are:
Heat Mold Custom Orthotics
Prefabricated Orthotics
Heel Lifts
Adjustable Heel Lifts with built in Heel Wedge (Triple V Heel Lifts)
Corn Pads
Callus Pads
Metatarsal Pads
Tube Foam
3 Layer Foam Toe Separators

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Atlas Biomechanics clients include the medical community, athletic trainers, and school districts.

Duplicate a lab quality orthotic in your office, in only 10 minutes for a fraction of the cost.

Over 300,000 pairs of orthotics to date!

Our corporate headquarters are located at:

11445 East Via Linda, suite 2-132
Scottsdale, AZ 85259