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Atlas Biomechanics is a woman owned sports medical manufacturer of Heel Lifts, Foot Pads and Heat Moldable Orthotics.

heat molded custom orthotic
Heat Moldable Orthotic, Narrow Profile, Dress

Heat Moldable Orthotic, Narrow (Dress) Profile

Duplicate a lab built custom orthotic in less than 10 minutes for the fraction of the cost.

Private Label: Your name and number printed on the top (with 25 minimum ordered).

*As Low as $16.95
*3/4 semi rigid orthotic shell.
*Narrower profile to fit in most dress flats, loafers and heels.
*1.4 mm thin. *Completely heat moldable and reheat formable.
*Heat gun is the only equipment needed.
*Usual price range charged to patient is between $140-375.
*Proprietary material used to ease of mold.
*Total contact fit.
*Patients happy before they leave the office.
*HCPCS DME Code: L3030

Atlas Biomechanics Heat Moldable Custom Orthotic
adjustable heel lift
Adjustable Heel Lift, 1 Lift
Our Price: $6.95

*Varus or Valgus Wedge, Adjustable Heel Lift
*Patent pending heel lift.
*Totally new concept in heel lifts in 30 years.
*Three removable rubber layers, 3 mm (1/8") thick.
*Suede top cover.
*Bottom layer can be peeled for either a varus or valgus wedge.
*Height adjustable.
*Prevents subtalar joint pronation.
*Corrects for calcaneal inversion of the short leg.
*Decreases pain and fatigue in low back, knees and ankles.
*Increase stabilization of the short limb.

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