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Supporting the world from the feet up.

Atlas Biomechanics is a woman owned sports medical manufacturer of Heel Lifts, Foot Pads and Heat Moldable Orthotics.

adjustable heel lift
Adjustable Heel Lift, 1 Lift
Our Price: $6.95

*Varus or Valgus Wedge, Adjustable Heel Lift
*Patent pending heel lift.
*Totally new concept in heel lifts in 30 years.
*Three removable rubber layers, 3 mm (1/8") thick.
*Suede top cover.
*Bottom layer can be peeled for either a varus or valgus wedge.
*Height adjustable.
*Prevents subtalar joint pronation.
*Corrects for calcaneal inversion of the short leg.
*Decreases pain and fatigue in low back, knees and ankles.
*Increase stabilization of the short limb.
heat molded custom orthotic
Heat Moldable Orthotic, Narrow Profile, Dress

Heat Moldable Orthotic, Narrow (Dress) Profile

Duplicate a lab built custom orthotic in less than 10 minutes for the fraction of the cost.

Private Label: Your name and number printed on the top (with 25 minimum ordered).

*As Low as $16.95
*3/4 semi rigid orthotic shell.
*Narrower profile to fit in most dress flats, loafers and heels.
*1.4 mm thin. *Completely heat moldable and reheat formable.
*Heat gun is the only equipment needed.
*Usual price range charged to patient is between $140-375.
*Proprietary material used to ease of mold.
*Total contact fit.
*Patients happy before they leave the office.
*HCPCS DME Code: L3030

Atlas Biomechanics Heat Moldable Custom Orthotic
NailZyme 1 Bottle
Our Price: $14.95

All Natural
Enzyme Infused
Fungal Nail Revitalizer

Thins, Lightens, Softens & Easier to Cut Nails

Most people see a difference with in 2-3 weeks of using NailZyme

Active Ingredients: Natural Enzymes ( Protease, Lipase, Amylase, Lactase, Cellulase & Bromelain )

Infused into: Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil and Sesame Oil

NailZyme comes in 1 oz dropper bottle. Usually lasts for approximately 1 month of treatment.

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