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Corn Pads

Corn pads are medical grade felt, foam or gel foot pads used to treat the top or in between toes.
Hammer toes can be protected with these toe pads.
Our toe pads/corn pads are made in the USA and come in felt, foam or gel.
Treat corns on feet, toe callus, hammertoes, soft corns.

What is a Corn?
A corn is a thickening of the skin at a boney area, such as on the knuckle of hammertoe or tip of toe. When there is pressure and friction on the skin, the skin tries to protect itself by growing more skin. This skin growth when is occurs on the top or tip or hammertoes is called a foot corn.

Corns on Foot
Treat the corns on foot with a protective corn pad. Atlas Biomechanics produces medical quality foot pads used by Podiatrists, Orthopedics Surgeons and Hospitals. These are much less expensive than drschools / drscholls.com
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Medical-Grade Corn Pads

When your shoes don’t fit properly, or when prolonged activity causes friction and pressure on the feet, the result can be a hardened skin growth on top of bony areas. These bumps on the skin, called corns, can become irritated if not treated. Finding the right foot corn treatment doesn’t require making a special trip to the doctor’s office. With a combination of proper footwear and corn pads, treating corns at home is simple to do without spending much money (check out our guide on how to use corn pads). Round corn pads surround the corn, protecting the affected area to allow the body’s natural healing processes to take place. Find your fit here!