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HammerToe Crest Pads

Crest / Buttress Pad is a Hammertoe Splint: realign and support contracted toes

Our Hammertoe Crest Pads are made in the USA.
Straighten crooked hammer toes.
Treat corns on toes and foot callus on ball.
Adjustable gel crest pads with an adjustable toe loop.
Diabetics and Poor Circulation patients should be cautioned before using since they may over tighten the loop.

Corns on toes
Corns at end of toes
Foot Callus
Crooked Toes
Toe callus

We now also produce Budin Splints 

Budin Splint (Single Loop HammerToe Regulator)
One of the most successful treatments for painful hammertoes or metatarsal pain.
Budin splint is worn while walking in shoes or socks. 
The painful hammertoe will be immobilized and allowed to realign.
The metatarsal cushion on the Budin Splint is great as a Sesamoiditis pad or Dancer's pad.
Our Budin Splint (single loop hammertoe straightener) features:  
  *Adjustable Loop
  *Double layer foam base to cushion metatarsals
  *Fits right or left foot
  *Realigns crooked, overlapping hammertoes
  *Gently encourages proper toe alignment 

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