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Metatarsal Pads

Metatarsal Pads are foot pads that are placed on the ball of the foot.
These come in three types 1) Dancer's (Sesamoid) Pads 2) Metatarsal Pads and 3) Moleskin Kidney Pads

Metatarsal Pads Treat:
Morton's Neuroma
Foot Callus
Fat Pad Atrophy
Ball of Foot Pain
Big Toe Joint Pain
Bunion Pain

Dancer's Pads (Sesamoid Pads) Treat:
Big Toe Capsulitis
Dancer's Injuries
Big Toe Joint Arthritis
Bunion Pain

Our metatarsal pads are a great addition for runners and women wearing high heels. Many of our clients are runners or women who wear high heels with ball of the foot pain. Metatarsal Pads (dancer's, sesamoid) off load pressure on the ball of the foot.
We manufacturer metatarsal pads in medical grade foam, felt and reusable gel.
Our moleskin kidney pads are the right size to cover balls of foot, malleoli or any boney area prone to pressure or irritation.
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Foot Pads for Metatarsal Support

Being a dancer or an athlete places intense demands on feet. Runners and women who wear high heels also need some help taking the pressure off. At Atlas Biomechanics, we produce foot pads for ball-of-foot pain due to sports or everyday activities. Our gel-based, reusable metatarsal pads offset pressure on the ball of the foot, relieving pain so you can get back to your normal routine quickly. Dancers love our sesamoid pads for treating big-toe pain, bunions and arthritis.

No matter the cause of your foot pain, Atlas Biomechanics medical-grade metatarsal pads are sure to provide relief. They’re available in gel or medical-grade foam, so you’re sure to find a pad that cushions your feet without breaking the bank. Be sure to check out our Learning Center for helpful resources on managing your foot pain, especially our article on treating Morton's Neuroma.