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Make Thick Fungus Toe Nails Thinner and Easier to Cut

Thick toe nails are ugly, painful and are hard to cut. Cutting these thick fungal nails can also be dangerous. Many people unfortunately cut their skin while trying to debride their discolored toenails. There is a way to make them easier to cut, softer, and lighter in color. Patients have been using NailZyme to make their thick ugly discolored toenails lighter, softer, thinner and easier to trim.
Nailzyme is an all natural, enzyme infused solution. It contains digestive enzymes to thin and lighten the toenail. The enzymes are infused into Jojoba oil that penetrates deep into the thick toenial to soften and allow the enzymes to penetrate in to the nail plate. Most people see a difference with in 2-3 weeks of using NailZyme. NailZyme comes in 1 oz dropper bottle. Usually lasts for approximately 1-2 months of treatment.

NailZyme Instructions:
Apply 1 drop to thick nail plate twice per day.
Most thick fungus nails will be softer to cut within 5 days of use.
Continue use to make thick fungal nails thinner, softer and lighter.
If surrounding skin becomes red or irritated discontinue use.