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Varus / Valgus Heel Wedge

A varus or valgus heel wedges that can be easily fabricated from our adjustable heel lift, the Triple V Heel Lift are meant to decrease either supination or pronation of the subtalar joint. Improving the stabilization of the subtalar joint with a varus or valgus heel wedge can improve foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back function. A heel wedge can improve an abnormal heel strike and decrease painful joint motion further up the kinetic chain.

Indications for a Varus Heel Wedge:
1. Excessive subtalar joint pronation (flatfoot, collapsing arch)
2. Medial ankle sprains
3. Shin splints
4. Medial knee syndromes
5. Plantar fasciitis
6. Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction

Indications for a Valgus Heel Wedge:
1. Excessive subtalar joint supination
2. Lateral ankle sprains
3. Lateral knee syndromes
4. Peroneal tendonitis

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