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How can foot callus be prevented?
1. Eliminate ill-fitting shoes. Shoes can be either too tight causing pressure or too loose causing friction. Either way, by wearing a proper fitting shoe will help decrease callus formation.
2. Eliminate high heel shoes. High heel shoes will cause your toes to be pushed up (dorsiflexed) and shifts the bottom fat pad of the metatarsal bones. If one must wear high heel shoes, wearing a callus pad or metatarsal pad will help.
3. Wearing socks. Socks will cushion the foot, preventing the friction and pressure causing foot callus.
4. Correct abnormal gait. If one walks, jogs or runs different then the pressure or friction will cause a callus. Wearing a corrective orthotic such as our heat mold orthotic will help decrease callus formation.
5. Prevent callus formation by wearing a callus pad to the affected area. Foam felt or gel callus stick on foot pads redistribute pressure and friction of the callus area.