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Toe Separators Prevent Painful Hammertoe Corns, Bunions and Crooked Toes

Toe Separators are medical toe cushions that can prevent and treat painful corns on the feet. Toe separators come in different styles. The most popular material used is medical grade foam. Of the foam type separators, the 3 Layer Toe Separator will help the most. The simple and inexpensive toe separator is designed to cushion, realign and prevent rubbing of the toes.

The 3 Layer Foam Toe Separator will realign crooked digits and prevent the rubbing friction of those toes. When crooked, misaligned toes rub, especially in shoes, the friction causes skin irritation. This can cause blisters, corns and ulcerations.

Another use is as a bunion splint. In bunions, the big toe deviates and leans toward the little toes. When using the 3 layer toe cushion, it will hold the big toe in place, stretching the tight soft tissue, tendons and muscles. Patients and doctors also place them after bunion surgery to hold the big toe in proper alignment.

Atlas Biomechanics' 3 Layer Toe Separator comes in 100 unit discount packs.

Tube Foam is another type of toe separator. It is also called Pedi-Foam. Tube foam is a tube made of medical grade foam. Just cut off a piece to fit the digit in question. You'll have a soft, cushioned tube pad that will protect, surround and relieve painful hammertoes, bunions, tailors bunion, metatarsal and corns.

Atlas Biomechanics' Tube Foam is available in discount packs.
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