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Tube Foam (PediFoam)

Soft cushioned sleeves
Made in the USA
Each Pedi Foam (TubeFoam)
Small - 5/8 inch x 1 ft (12 Sleeves per Pack)
Medium - 3/4 inch x 1 ft (10 Sleeves per Pack)
Large - 1 inch x 1 ft (8 Sleeves per Pack)

Tube Foam (Pedi-Foam) allows you to make dozens of custom foot cushions.
Easy to cut, long lasting.
Fabricate hammertoe, corn, bunion, metatarsal, soft corn and tailor's bunion cushions.
Surround, cushion and protect toes with Tube Foam (Pedi-Foam)
Tube Foam (Pedi-Foam) tubes absorb pressure and friction to cushion and separate toes that rub on shoes.
Tube Foam relieves corns, ingrown nails, hammertoes and bunions.
They fit easily in most shoes.
Dozens of uses to Tube Foam.
Double Loop Tube Foam

Gel Toe Sleeves
12 sleeves per order, Medical Grade Silicone digit sleeves

1) Mini: best for 5th toe, but fits any little toe in women
2) Small: toes 2-5 in women
3) Medium: toes 2-5 in men and Big Toe in women
4) Large: best for Big Toe in men

gel toe sleeves

DigiStrip 1/2 Coat Gel Tube

48 inches of 1/2 gel coated elastic (ribbed) fabric
Fabricate your own toe separators

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Tube foam, pedi foam Tube Foam
Our Price: $19.95
Tube foam Double Loop Tube Foam
Our Price: $24.95
all gel toe sleeves Gel Toe Sleeves
Our Price: $39.95

Tube Foam & Pedi Foam Multipurpose Foot Cushions

There’s rarely ever a one-size-fits-all option when it comes to caring for your feet. Whether you’re an athlete or your job keeps you on your toes, protecting the skin of your feet is crucial for your comfort. When pre-made cushions just won’t cut it, it’s time to give DIY pedi foam cushions a try. Use tube foam for feet to create foot cushions tailored to your unique needs. Long-lasting pedi foam fits easily in most shoes to absorb pressure, softly providing comfort to your feet. Order today from Atlas Biomechanics, and we’ll ship your order for free when you spend $50.