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Morton's Neuromas Pads

A Morton's neuroma pad is a metatarsal pad that can off load the pain of the neuroma.

What is a Morton's neuroma? When you feel like a marble in the ball of your foot and have constant pain you may have a Morton's neuroma. A Morton's neuroma is the thickening of the tissue surrounding the nerve leading to the toes. It commonly occurs between the third and fourth toes. Irritation of the nerve as it passes under the ligament connecting the metatarsal bones can cause scar tissue around the nerve. The more irritation, the thicker the scar tissue becomes. Wearing tight and high heel shoes is one of the reasons it occurs in women more commonly than men.

Some of the symptoms of a Morton's neuroma are walking on a marble, burning in the ball of the foot, shooting pain into the toes and tingling in the toes.

Treatment of the Morton's neuroma are: roomier shoes, anti-inflammatory medication, orthotics, steriod injections and Metatarsal Pads.

Metatarsal Pads are medical foot pads designed to off load the pressure on the ball of the foot. They are applied just behind the metatarsal bone heads. When a metatarsal pad is applied, it takes the pressure off the Morton's neuroma and allows for quicker healing and pain relief. Metatarsal pads (Morton's neuroma pads) come in reusable gel and adhesive felt or foam.

Atlas Biomechanics produces metatarsal pads to treat Morton's neuroma