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Dancer's / Sesamoid Pads treat Sesamoiditis and Metatarsal Pain

Dancer's pads, also called sesamoid pads, are metatarsal foot pads that off load the big toe joint, sesamoids and the metatarsals. The reason it is called a dancer's pad is because the typical dancer is on the ball of the foot (metatarsals) often. Their sesamoids and big toe joint (1st MPJ) can often become inflamed. Besides dancers, athletes and workers who stand on their feet long periods of time often wear dancer's pads.

When the patient applies too much pressure and stress on the ball of their feet, the big toe joint (1st MPJ) receives a lot of pounding. This repetitive stress can cause the little pea shaped bone in the big toe joint called sesamoids to become inflamed. This inflammation is called sesamoiditis.

Typical treatment of sesamoiditis are: rest, ice, anti inflammation medicine, orthotics and casts. Many practitioners and patients are not aware of dancer's pads. These metatarsal pads are designed to off load the pressure on the ball of the foot, especially the sesamoids. Wearing a dancer's pad, sesamoid pad will allow for faster healing. These simple medical metatarsal pads come in adhesive felt or foam and reusable gel.

Atlas Biomechanics produces our Dancer's /Sesamoid Pads in the USA.