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Rigid Stabilizer Plate Insole

Heat Moldable Orthotic Blanks for Feet

When your podiatrist thinks it’s time to start using orthotics, finding the right fit is of paramount importance. You may think that getting fitted for custom foot orthotics is a complicated process requiring time, money and expensive equipment. However, getting the support your feet need is actually easier than you think! When you order thermoplastic orthotic insoles, achieving a glove-like fit during an in-office visit is easy and can be done in as little as 10 minutes. Best of all, Atlas Biomechanics crafts orthotic inserts for each type of wear. Our heat molded insoles are available for dress shoes and athletic footwear, as well as in prefabricated models. Shop our selection of ortho inserts for podiatrist use and save on shipping when your order reaches $50! Be sure to review our orthotic molding guide for proper, comfortable fit of your orthotics!

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