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Carbon Stabilizer Insole Plate

carbon insoles

1 Pair
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Carbon Stabilizer Plates Insoles, Full Length

Turf Toe Insole

Carboplast Steel Stabilizer / Insole Plates to Limit Fore-Foot, Mid-Foot Metatarsal Joints & Turf Toe

Used to stiffen the sole of the shoe.
Limits Range of Motion of the Forefoot and Midfoot.
Makes shoe Non-Flexible.
Extremely thin carbon stabilizer plate insole, 1/8" thick.
These carbon steel insole plates are constructed to Limit Dorsiflexion at the metatarsal joints and mid-foot.
Immobilizes toe joints to prevent it from bending during walking and sports.
Puncture resistant insole
Turf toe insole

Indications of the Carbon Steel Insoles- Full Stabilizer Plates
- Problems requiring a Rigid or Semi-Rigid footbed
- Turf Toe
- Hallux Limitus / Hallux Rigidus
- Forefoot Pain
- Metatarsalgia
- Cuboid Syndrome
- Freiburg's Infraction
- Bunionectomy
- Foot Stability Post-op
- Shin Splints
- Foot Fracture
- Stress Fracture

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  • 1 Pair
    Full length carbon insole
    Turf Toe Insole
    Made in USA

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