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Stick On Foot Pads from Atlas Biomechanics are produced from medical grade felt, foam and reuseable gel. We manufacturer callus (callous) pads, corn pads, metatarsal pads, dancer's pads (metatarsal/sesamoid pads), toe separators and hammer toe crest pads.

Callus Pads: treat painful callus, also can protect bunions, bunionettes and boney bumps. Stick On Foot Pads
Corn Pads: treat painful hammertoes, corns on feet, and between toes soft corns
Metatarsal Pads: including dancer's pads and sesamoid pads
HammerToe Crest Pads: lift contracted hammertoes
Moleskin Kidney Pads: protect balls of feet, prevent blisters
Tube Foam (Pedi-Foam): cushion sleeves
Toe Separators: 3 Layer Foam Toe Separators, realign crooked toes, cushion soft corns

All of our medical grade foot pads are produced in the US. Most of the foot pads offered are in 100 unit packs for your savings.

Prevent corns on feet from hammertoe by wearing adhesive corn pads or adjustable crest pads. These foot products come in felt, foam or reusable, self sticking gel. Treat toe callus.

Prevent foot callus by wearing our adhesive metatarsal pads (dancer's and sesamoid) and callus pads. These foot products come in foam , felt and reusable, self sticking gel. Callus treatment.

These foot pads help prevent foot callus and corns on feet, they are not callus removers.

Our prices are the least expensive on the web.

Corns and Callouses
Callouses and corns form due to repeated friction and pressure, as the shoe rubs against a bony prominence on the toe or foot. The body's natural reaction to the added pressure and friction is to add more layers of skin as protection.
Callouses usually develop under the metatarsal bones (ball of the foot) due to its weight bearing.
Corns are usually caused by misalignment of the toes (hammer toes). Toes can curl under causing the toe knuckle to rub on the shoe.
Abnormal foot structure and improper shoes can aggravate corns and callus. Callus and Corn pads will help prevent them.

Metatarsal Pain
Metatarsal pain can occur for many reasons. Treat them with metatarsal pads or dancer's pads (sesamoid pads). Some of the more common reasons for ball of foot pain are:
* Fat Pad Atrophy: when the fat pad on the ball of the foot thins out.
* Morton's neuroma: a pinched nerve usually between the 3rd and 4th toes.
* Sesamoiditis: inflammation of the sesamoid bones under the big toe joint.
* Calluses: build up of thick skin due to lack of cushioning.
* Poor Gait: excessive pronation with twisting of the ball at heel lift.
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budin splints Budin Splint
Our Price: $8.95
gel spreader Gel Toe Spreader
Our Price: $8.95
gel callus pads , U shaped Gel Callus Cushions,
Our Price: $9.95
gel callus pads , oval shaped Gel Callus Pads,
Our Price: $9.95
gel spreader with loop Loop Toe Spreader
Our Price: $9.95
round corn pads felt and foam Ring Corn Pads
Our Price: $17.95
Large Corn Cushion Large Corn Pads
Our Price: $17.95
kidney shaped moleskin pads Moleskin Kidney Pads
Our Price: $19.95
Tube foam, pedi foam Tube Foam
Our Price: $19.95
gel hammertoe crest pads Gel Crest Pads
Our Price: $19.95
felt arch and arch cookie Felt Arch Pads
Our Price: $19.95
Tube foam Double Loop Tube Foam
Our Price: $24.95
thick toe separator Big Toe Separator
Our Price: $24.95
callus pads, oval shaped foot pads Ring Callus Pad
Our Price: $28.95
callus pads, u shaped Callus Pads, 100 pack,
Our Price: $39.95
callus pads, oval shaped foot pads Callus Pads,
Our Price: $39.95
all gel toe sleeves Gel Toe Sleeves
Our Price: $39.95
Neuroma Padding Morton's Neuroma Pads
Our Price: $59.95
felt arch and arch cookie Felt Arch Pads
Our Price: $79.95

Order Medical-Grade Foot Pads Online

When you suffer from foot pain, even daily activities like walking the dog or going grocery shopping become stressful. Fortunately, relief is just a click away. Atlas Biomechanics is the leading manufacturer of stick-on foot pads expertly crafted to treat pesky corns and calluses that interfere with doing the things you love. With wholesale pricing on stick-on pads, including dancers’ pads and moleskin pads for feet, we make it easy to relieve and prevent blisters, bunions and corns that cause discomfort. Many of our foot pads come in packs of 100, so you can stock up without spending a fortune. When you spend more than $50, we’ll ship your order free!